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Max Nicholson is a Creative Content Producer at Previously wrote for IGN, MTV News and Collider.

MISCHIEF & MAGICK (formerly: High Rollers)

Logline: Three young role-players are caught off guard when the popular girl from school wants to join their tabletop campaign.

Alt Titles: High Rollers, Knights of the Tabletop, Roll for Initiative, Stats, Mission Quest, Plights of Fancy, Lawful Good, Span

Overview: Written by Max Nicholson and drawn by Stuart Day, Mischief & Magick is an animated adventure-comedy series told in the style of a Saturday Morning Cartoon. The project is mainly targeted at kids ages 6-11, but it is also meant for older viewers, given its focus on D&D/RPG nostalgia. High Roller is currently still in development.

Script: Click here for a brief introduction to the characters and story.

Character/Item Designs: