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Max Nicholson is a Creative Content Producer at Previously wrote for IGN, MTV News and Collider.

Dead Week

Logline: Dead Week tells the story of three unmotivated college guys who accidentally get totally baked on the eve of a campus-wide, biblical apocalypse. In the above proof-of-concept video (which takes place early in the story), one of the guys, Roy, offers a drunk freshman girl a ride home. However, things soon take a surprising and horrific turn...

Overview: The above video is meant to be a proof of concept and represents one part of a feature-length story. Keep in mind that this video was shot on a shoestring budget, in one night, and is simply meant to give a general sense of the movie's tone and feel.

Script Samples: The following are a selection of other scenes from the feature-length script (click "Sample X" to open):

1) Sample 1 - Prior to all hell breaking loose (literally), Roy, Simon and Henry chill on the couch smoking weed -- that is until they receive a text from their old friend and fraternity brother, Will.

2) Sample 2 - Roy and Simon soon discover that the "drunk girl" wasn't the only one to get possessed by a demon (or zombie... they're not really sure). In an attempt to save Henry from certain doom, the boys decide to rescue Henry, who's stranded on campus. Along the way, they meet three girls, who are also fighting for their lives. 

3) Sample 3 - After teaming up, the six storm the library, where they find the mysterious Compendium -- the key to their escape.

4) Sample 4 - Fleeing the library, one of the girls knows a secret way out -- but it won't be an easy getaway!